​​For our testing purposes, here are the current Providers Possible:
Medicare Part B  with or without a supplement plan - All States EXCEPT NY
Medicare Advantage PPO:  Cigna, Aetna, Humana, United Health Care (UHC)
* Medicaid is available in 10 states to agents who have submitted a minumum of 30 successful Medicare type B screenings.

 LINK TO INSTANTLY CHECK THE PATIENTS INSURANCE: https://www.medicare.gov/find-a-plan/questions/home.aspx


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Hereditary cancer requirements


A person’s unique genes tell a very important story about the risk of Cancer and other illnesses. Almost everyone has been affected by someone who has been diagnosed or passed away from cancer.  CGX Screening can detect gene mutations in the earliest stages thus the importance of CGX screening for anyone who has had a history of hereditary cancer such as ENDOCRINE (THYROID/PITUITARY), BLADDER, OVARIAN/UTERINE, BREAST, COLON/COLORECTAL POLYPS, PROSTATE, STOMACH/GASTRIC, KIDNEY/RENAL, ENDOMETRIAL (UTERUS/UTERINE), and PANCREATIC in their family

NATIONAL compliance

patient insurance requirements

Although Genetic Screening is a fairly easy system to learn, there is some very important protocol that you will be required to know, most importantly COMPLIANCE. Make sure you study the below information. We will be adding more as we receive additional information regarding the subject  

Also a great resource to learn the industry will be our personal marketing site. It is packed with great information and videos that you will be using to educate your patients. You can visit that site and watch the videos and also study the material www.CareGeneticScreening.com

agent training

Above all do everything with the highest level of Honesty, Integrity and Humility. If you stick with those core values and understand the rules of this industry you'll be fine. Any deliberate violation will be grounds for immediate termination.  

The below MUST be followed at all times:

1) ALWAYS protect and keep a patients personal information confidential. YOU MUST BE HIPAA CERTIFIED IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE.

2) NEVER tell a patient that the screening is "free". It is not free. Medicare pays a lot of money for this. You may say "IT IS OFFERED AT NO COST TO QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS".

3) NEVER offer ANYTHING to entice an individual to get the screening done. While at events or in a home this includes but is not limited to food, coffee, gift certificates, money or anything else that would appear to be enticing the patient to receive a screening. This is called payola and it is a crime. Don't go to jail and ruin your reputation and career by doing this.

4) NEVER represent yourself as a medical professional. We are Genetic Screening Advocates / Agents. We are NOT medical professionals.

5) NEVER sign a patients name on any document whether paper or electronic medical record

6) NEVER high pressure or manipulate someone into receiving the screening.  Medicare is very sensitive to this. Simply educate and let them know that we have kits on hand so they can start the process if they so choose to.

7) ALWAYS treat the patients with the utmost respect and ALWAYS follow the Golden Rule!